Faith Boosters

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Only God knows the best decisions to make, the right choices, the most fruitful options. So we pray,
Do you know that Jesus died for you? Do you believe he is your Lord and Savior? If yes, then
If we live in the past, we become depressed. If we live in the future, we become frustrated. But if
How do you recognize another Christian as a believer? What clues tell you that the stranger you see has faith
He leads me to restful waters and peaceful pastures. He restores my soul." (Psalm 23) In today's wired world, it's
To worry is to doubtthat you are living inthe will of God.To have faithis to believe thatthe will of God
The suffering we feel when we're treated unfairly is the same way Jesus felt when he was whipped and crucified.
Whatever goodness you do today, this is worship, for it honors the good God who made you good. "Offer your
Jesus stands at the door and knocks,  bearing an armful of beautiful gifts.  Those who are afraid of what the
What's the secret for making a marriage last? Here are three basic principles. 1. Make the commitment together that divorce
Change is hard. Our brains are wired to prefer what's old and familiar. Even  when we know that making a
Faith expressed through words creates confidence. Faith expressed through giving creates love. Faith expressed through trust creates miracles. © 2019
Change is difficult, sometimes nearly impossible. But with God, nothing is too difficult. Nothing is impossible with God. Ahhh, but
Fighting against injustices is good. It's Christ-like. In fact, it's required of every Christian, because we live on the battlefield
To live fully in faith, we must live deeply in meaningful contact  with the Author of Faith. © 2019 by
Be optimistic, even in the difficult moments of your life, by entrusting every matter to Christ. Jesus is a God