Faith Boosters

Faith comes from experiencing TLC: Totally Loving Christ! Good News Ministries Download the Image You have been born again of
It is not people or the things of this world that cause us problems, but the decision to put our
When our faith is weak and we start to sink, we readily call out for help. We must just as
To live fully in faith, we must live deeply in meaningful contact with the Author of Faith. Good News Ministries
"God times" are good times made better by keeping our focus on the presence of our Loving Lord in each
To worry is to doubt that you are living in the will of God. Faith means believing that God is
Nothing is as harmful as fear. Nothing is as helpful as faith in God. Good News Ministries Download the Image
To live a victorious life, we have to take off the world's garments and put on the armor of God,
God never abandons us. It is we who quit clinging to God. God never loses faith in us. It is
God has chosen you for a special purpose.   No one else can take your unique place. That's how much
In faith we admit:   "I can't." In faith we agree:   "God can." Good News Ministries Download the Image
Our best strategy in the midst of life's battles is to rejoice. It proves how much we have faith in
Small efforts become large through faith in the power of God's love. Good News Ministries Download the Image You have
Fear ties our faith into knots. When we loosen our fears with bible study and prayer, FEAR KNOTS become FEAR
When our dreams and desires have been placed into God's hands, we might as well relax and enjoy the ride.
I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait