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The Vocation of Marriage is Radical Love: It’s the solution to today’s challenges in marriage!

  • The Vocation of Marriage is Radical Love

    Good News for CouplesRadical Love (Good News Ministries style) is first knowing how deeply and unconditionally God loves you. This is the root of all successful love (the word “radical” means “root”). Then we rely on that love to share it with our spouse (and others, too, of course). In the Vocation of Marriage, couples are empowered by the Holy Spirit to love each other with the love that comes from God.

  • The Danger of Unintentional Idolatry in Marriage
    Priest blessing a married coupleSomeone once asked me: “I had my first marriage annulled, but my new wife never had her first marriage annulled. Therefore, we could not get married in the Church, but I was disappointed when I asked my pastor to bless the rings we were going to use for our wedding and he told me that he couldn’t bless them. Can you please explain to me why he was not able to do that?”

  • True Rainbow, True Love: Gay Humility
    The humility of the Vocation of MarriageGay Humility is a painting commissioned by Good News Ministries to show what it means to be truly gay (JOYFUL) in marriage: The couple is kneeling — a gesture of humility instead of pride — and they are worshiping God together. They are joyful because the wonderful love of Jesus has redeemed them from slavery to sin. The water, which in the bible represents the Holy Spirit, is supporting their relationship and cleansing them, to sanctify their relationship and to empower them to live daily in the fullness of love.

  • The Joy of Love
    The Joy of LovePope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, The Joy of Love, is the topic of a Good News Ministries video course. The course involves 3 short (5- or 6-minutes long) videos per chapter. Each video pulls out an important theme from each of the pope’s 9 chapters. It is up to you whether or not you read the rest of the content in each chapter.

  • Reflections for Couples
    Radical Love ebook Reflections for CouplesDownload this ebook of 215 short inspirational messages that bring God’s radical love into the context of romantic relationships, with dialog questions. The impetus to write these came from the desire that my husband Ralph and I have to find good, inspirational dialog starters. We used what we found and then searched for more, hoping especially to find Catholic reflections that would feed our Sacrament of Marriage. When our search came up empty, I knew the Holy Spirit was saying: “You write them!”

    The ebook is available as a 228-page PDF from Terry Modica for those who want to print the reflections. The price is $7 (USD) per couple (two copies). You can also buy it as a Kindle book on Amazon.

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