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Articles about God’s strategy against evil. We are called to engage in spiritual warfare. All who join themselves to Jesus Christ are victorious.

spiritual warfare: We can defeat evil by the authority of Jesus

  • Reading the Signs of the Times
    In spiritual warfare we need to wear the armor of GodDo you feel discouraged by what evil-doers have been accomplishing? Then don’t keep looking at them. Learn how to correctly interpret the signs of the times and you will see the victory of Christ. Don’t look at the battles that have been won by the enemy. The war is not over. Jesus Christ is always the victor. He is breaking the neck of the Devil, and the Blessed Mother is crushing its head. And we can see this if we know how to identify God’s plan at work.

  • Will we see God’s Divine Justice soon?
    divine justiceWe’ve been living in an era of God’s mercy. Is it coming to an end? Is the era of Divine Justice starting soon? The Blessed Mother has said in her various apparitions that we’ve been in the era of Divine Mercy and that the era of God’s Divine Justice was coming. Saints and mystics have said so. Popes have said so.

  • Why are you anxious?
    Martha and Mary, chat with Jesus (close-up)What has stolen your peace? What causes you to suffer anxiety? What’s upsetting you? What loved one is troubling you? Has the climate of hatred, anger and fear in society sucked you into its grip? When the politics of your nation make you feel anxious, how often do you complain or fight those who think differently than you? What about the terrible abuses that have been done by perpetrator priests and the cover-ups by Church hierarchy — what are you saying to others? Do your words and feelings reflect your faith in Christ?

  • Why does God allow evil?
    Jesus' teaching included spiritual warfareWould you say that Jesus was outspoken? Would you say that whenever He saw a need He could fill, He did something about it? When He saw an opportunity to give love to someone, did He do it? When there was work to be done, did He do it? When He entered into a dark situation, did He shed His light onto it? When he saw someone suffering from evil, did he help them?

  • What is God saying in evil times?
    priest evangelizes protestorsLet’s face it. It’s over. The days when anyone can be a lukewarm Christian are over. Either we are fully and enthusiastically on the side of Christ, where we might very well end up crucified, or we are vulnerable to the increased activities of demons, i.e., the hardships of evil times that God allows because of our sins. It might feel “safe” to have a mediocre, non-risky faith, but that’s only an illusion — and a dangerous one at that.

  • A Prayer to defeat the evil of terrorism
    Jesus prayed in Gethsemane for strength, which now gives us victory over evilIn Luke 11:1-4 and Matthew 6:9-14, Jesus outlines an example of effective prayer. We can adapt it to win the battle against terrorism. But first, we need to enter into the prayer with the mind of Christ. We Christians have our own battle cry, our own weapons, our own responsibilities in conquering this evil. It is in the power of prayer.

  • Our authority over evil
    Jesus reveals his authorityWhy do you think Jesus could cast out demons? Because he was God? Ahhh, but he hadn’t yet defeated Satan on the cross and in his resurrection from death. So far, he had only defeated Satan’s temptations in the desert. Well, then was it because the demon-possessed man was ready to change his ways and avoid doing whatever had attracted the evil spirit? There’s no indication of that. Jesus kicked demons out of unconverted people all the time. Read this to strengthen you in spiritual warfare!

  • The power to overcome evil
    a stormy sky over the capitol buildings in Ottawa, CanadaWhy is there so much evil in the world? Why doesn’t God raise His almighty hand against war, against abuse, against poverty, against criminals, or against any evil corrupting the world and our lives? It’s a familiar question. The answer is, HE DOES! But He does it through the vine. Jesus and the Bride — the Church — are united. Read this to strengthen your resolve in spiritual warfare!

  • Podcasts on defeating the devil
    Footsteps to HeavenOn the Footsteps to Heaven website. These episodes provide solid instruction on how to defeat what the devil has been doing in your life, your home, your family, your parish, and elsewhere. The Footsteps to Heaven podcast show provides faith-builders based on what the founder and director of Good News Ministries, Terry Modica, has learned from her own journey and what people tell us they’re seeking in their daily struggles. It comes straight from her heart.

  • A reason to hope amidst evils in America
    Mary Our QueenDid you know that the United States of America has been long been consecrated to the Blessed Mother for protection? From the beginning, she has been a part of our national heritage. “Holy Mary” (Santa Maria) was the title of Columbus’ flagship. The colonists had the Blessed Mother in mind when they named their first settlement, St. Mary’s City on St. Mary’s River.

  • Standing strong to lift up the truth
    The pillars of St Peters Basillica in Rome symbolize the pillars of truthWe are God’s household, the Church, the “pillar and bulwark of truth.” Jesus is the truth, but we are the bulwark that holds that truth up for the world to see and to give shelter to those who come seeking the truth. A bulwark, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is a solid wall-like structure raised for defense. And in 1 Timothy 3:14-16, we are reminded of the importance of our conduct: What conduct is befitting for this responsibility?

  • Just War or Unjust: Is it ever right to fight?
    St Michael defeating evil in a just warShould a perpetrator of violence and abuse be allowed to continue as a potential danger of unknown proportions? Or should he be stopped before someone new gets hurt? Is the risk justifiable? What if the perpetrator is a priest who promises his bishop to never to touch a child again? Should intervention take place before a perpetrator commits a crime that can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt to a jury in court? This dilemma is a microcosm of the questions that exist when a dictator wages a war to steal power.

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