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Jesus used parables to convey important messages through story-telling. A parable is a simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson by using an entertaining comparison or similitude. Try these modern day parables — good for children and adults too!

  • The Parable of the Dog Named Gigi
    Terry's dog GG loves to play ballOnce upon a time, there was a cute little dog named Gigi. She loved meeting up with friendly dogs and playing fetch-the-ball with them. One of her favorite companions was a big German Shepherd named Cocoa. One day, Cocoa brought a shiny new squishy ball to the dog park…. The moral of the story is: When you think someone has done you wrong, listen well to their heart. You might discover a truth that deepens your friendship.

  • The Frog In Need of Water
    Modern day Parables: The frog in need of waterThis Parable of the Frog teaches that sometimes we overlook the help that God gives us. Ferrdie the Frog needed relief from the heat. Life sure was hard, and if Ferrdie didn’t do something very, very soon to make his situation better, he’d dry out and fry! Ferrdie had become quite unhappy. His house — that little niche in the soil that he had carefully carved out for himself — shaded him nicely and kept him cool, but this wasn’t enough to keep him happy and content, being that he was a frog and he loved water.

  • The Lowly Brown Caterpillar
    Modern day Parables: The brown caterpillar who thought he was a wormA Parable about True Identity: Once upon a time, in a great big forest, at the bottom of a very tall tree, there crawled along in the soft, dirty, dark earth a caterpillar who was brown and fat and squishy. His name was Bumpadoo. The odd thing about Bumpadoo was that he didn’t know he was a caterpillar. He thought he was a worm. 

  • The Parable of the Unhappy Pig
    Modern day Parables: The dirty pig who was happiest in mudThis story is a modern-day parable in two parts. In part 1, the unhappy pig reveals our attitudes in loving those who are difficult to love. Part 2 is about what happens when love is rejected. Once upon a time, there lived a Farmer who owned many kinds of animals, and he loved them all equally. It didn’t matter how useful they were to him or how beautiful they looked, he enjoyed spending time with each one.

  • A Parable of Purgatory
    sunrise heaven in a vision of PurgatoryThe following vision of Purgatory was given to me during Mass. It was about someone I was praying for; the name has been changed to protect that person’s identity. A man named Abbot died and met Jesus at the entrance to heaven. The gate was named “The Moment of Death and Resurrection”.

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