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Poster in a popular, chain restaurant: “Hard work pays, but hardly working has better results.” And we wonder why modern society is filled with lazy people? And why so many settle for less than the best they can be? And why companies are staffed by mediocre employees producing mediocre services? And why, when you ask a store clerk a question about a product you’re thinking of buying, you get less information than you already know?

Father God created each of us with special talents and abilities that came directly from his own divine personality. We are designed to enjoy life most when we excel in the use of our gifts. We make an important difference in the world into which he birthed us when we work hard to be the best we can be, doing the best we can do.

As Eric Liddell, gold medal winner in the 1924 Olympics, said “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure.” With the same attitude of giving God his best performance, he served as a missionary in China until his martyrdom in a Japanese concentration camp in 1945.

While in that camp, he taught science to the children – without desks, without textbooks, using one sheet of paper over and over again.  Many of those kids grew up to become highly reputed scientists, doctors, and psychologists.

You, too, have within you Christ’s divine ability – and calling – to be remarkable and accomplish better results that only hard work and determination can accomplish.


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