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To worry is to doubt that
you are living in the will of God.
Faith means believing that
God is always in charge,
and that even when you stray
from the will of God,
He will bring you back home.


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© 2019 by Terry A. Modica
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May 13, 2019 1:06 pm

My grandson has been vicsiously bullied by his grade 3 catholic school teacher since his first day of grade 3. Andrew is a sweet and loving child. My name of endearment for him is ‘tenderheart’. He is also very intuitive, has a strong faith for his age, respectful and smart beyond his year.

It has been a very challenging year for all of us. We have hurt deeply and wept much. In Canada catholic schools are in name only. There is no body from within the catholic BODY, who overlooks the atrocities that are going on in catholic schools. Therefore it continues.

Finally today, I read this faith booster and realized that all this angst could have been given up to Jesus. Our Shepherd. We have been so worried that this abuse is going to affect him for life. I am confident today, that by my persistent prayer Andrew will be ok. I have been praying for his teacher as well, for her salvation and reparation for sin.

The teacher insisted that nobody is perfect. Andrew put up his hand.
The teacher retorts, “Yes Andrew even you are not perfect!”
Andrew replies, “I know. But God is perfect!”
The teacher insisted, “No Andrew, even He is not perfect!”
Andrew kept insisting that He is. Praise God.
So please let us all keep his teacher in our prayers.
Thank you Faith Boosters of GNM.org