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Marriage is meant to be a testimony if God’s radical love.

The reason why this world has lost sight of the true nature of marriage is, I’m convinced, because we who are called to evangelize the world have lost sight of the true nature of the Sacrament of Marriage. We who are called to teach the world what the love of Jesus is really like, by our examples and stories of a life well lived, have lost the vision of the Vocation of Marriage.

Many of us have insufficient understanding of God’s radical love for us. We have even less understanding that the Sacrament of Marriage is Jesus fully present in the marriage. And we have almost no grasp of the fact that the Vocation of Marriage is the calling and the empowerment, in union with Christ and with our spouse, to strengthen the faith of each other, our children, and those around us who can see how we live and love.

Thus, when we marry, we insufficiently live in and give out God’s radical love. We succumb to worldly ways of dealing with heartaches, unaware that we can rely on the supernatural effects of the Sacrament of Marriage.

We marry without this sacrament, because we insufficiently understand the value of sacramentally uniting ourselves to Jesus as a couple.

We live as if married but without the commitment of marriage, because we insufficiently understand what it means to be united to one person in a collaborative union with Christ.

Marriage is meant to be a testimony of Christ’s radical love for His Bride: One man faithfully and permanently united to one woman in a living example of one Savior faithfully and permanently united to us, the Church, the people of God.

When we embrace and rely on the presence of Jesus in this or any sacrament, we are empowered by his help to fulfill our calling in this or any vocation.


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