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Sing joyfully to the Lord;
serve the Lord with gladness and with joyful song.”
(Psalm 100:1b-2)

What makes you want to sing joyfully to the Lord?

The turning of an old year into a new year is a time for hope. We are ready for fresh beginnings. But this is an artificial reason for hope! January 1st is really no different than June 1st if we take away all the “New Year’s Resolutions” and parties and fireworks and the dropping of a lighted ball in Times Square, New York. It doesn’t take long before the on-going struggles of real life depress us again.

Scriptures tell us over and over again to sing joyfully to the Lord — despite all the reasons not to. Or perhaps, because of all the reasons not to. For me, Psalm 100 is a timely reminder of what true faith in Christ is like. And so, I choose to serve the Lord with gladness.


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