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The turning of an old year into a new year is a time for hope. We are ready for fresh beginnings. But this is an artificial reason for hope! January 1st is really no different than June 1st if we take away all the “New Year’s Resolutions” and parties and fireworks and the dropping of a lighted ball in Times Square, New York. It doesn’t take long before the on-going struggles of real life depress us again. We need supernatural power to enjoy hope every day, all the time.

Scriptures tell us over and over again to sing joyfully to the Lord (“Sing joyfully to the Lord; serve the Lord with gladness and with joyful song.” Ps 100:1b-2) — despite all the reasons not to. Or perhaps because of all the reasons not to. For me, this Psalm is a timely reminder of what true faith in Christ is like. And so, I choose to serve the Lord with gladness.

One January, I had hoped that the new year could begin with the funding needed to expand staff. I entrusted the fundraiser to God. And to my surprise, fewer people responded to the call. (Btw, fear not, this is not a plea for donations, although support is gladly accepted. It’s a story about hope.)

Good News Ministries had enough in the bank to maintain the status quo and continue into the new year with confident hope. I am joyful to the Lord — not because of fundraiser results, but because it is such a delight to serve him. There is no greater joy than to be God’s instrument of healing and hope and spiritual growth, making a difference for others that will last for eternity.

Recently, I made a video reflection about The Power of Hope, sharing what I’ve learned during trials that seemed hopeless. It was filmed on the balcony of my new house, where Jesus and I have our morning meditations together. A couple of years ago, building this house seemed hopeless. Therefore, a video about hope, filmed at that location, seems very appropriate.

© 2013 by Terry A. Modica

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The Power of Hope: Our Reason for Joy

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