Fighting against injustices is good. It’s Christ-like. In fact, it’s required of every Christian, because we live on the battlefield of the world where evil tries to encroach and steal and destroy.

To find the energy and passion to win a battle, we have to feel angry. But there’s anger than destroys evil and there’s anger that destroys us. The first is righteous anger, and it’s very logical and clear-thinking. It strategizes.  It prays and listens to the leader, who is Jesus.

The other type of anger is unhealthy. It’s a weapon being used by the enemy to destroy us — or at least to destroy our ability to be a good soldier in the battle that Christ has in mind. It’s encased in emotional baggage that comes from past hurts and the wounds of past battles. It muddles our thinking and drowns out the voice of Christ and the strategies of his leadership. And it hurts the innocents around us whom we’re supposed to be protecting.

You can win every battle against injustices that you’re called to fight with Christ. To succeed, drop the unhealthy anger by turning to Christ in prayer and surrendering to him whatever is the root of this anger. Seek counsel that helps you identify the root and find healing. Let go of what you cannot change. Entrust it all to God.

Christ has already won the victory that he wants you to experience today. Stay close to him.


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© 2014 by Terry A. Modica
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