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What’s holding you back from going forward in reaching a goal? Are you stuck waiting on God to give you a prophetic dream while you sleep? Or to give you an unmistakable vision during your prayer time? Or send you an angelic messenger with a detailed written plan for your life? Or perhaps you’re waiting on God to send you a detailed fax or long email?

Or are you tired of waiting, so you’re rushing ahead on your own?

Sometimes we hurry ahead, making decisions without first praying about it and waiting on God to provide direction and approval. Leaving God out of our decisions, while thinking of ourselves as able to be so smart, is a sin.

Sometimes we wait and wait and wait and wait for God’s guidance, and wait still more, because his will is anything but clear. And this can be the greater sin. Opportunities get missed. Openings close. Others suffer from our inaction.

Jesus never gave his first apostles clear guidance on what to do. When he sent disciples out two by two to “go into the towns and preach the Good News, heal the sick, and drive out demons” (Luke 10:1-9), he didn’t say which towns. He didn’t choose which partner they should travel with. He didn’t give them maps.

He told them, “Take no luggage, no food, nothing but the clothes you’re wearing now. Let the people you visit provide you with what you need.” And he didn’t say which people. He didn’t give them a list of friendlies. He just said, “Go!”

God prefers to provide for us on the journey. Our relationship with Him is a journey. We learn from Him as we walk with Him.

He wants us to pray for guidance first but then move ahead with whatever seems to make sense and whatever our heart’s desire directs us to do. Along the way, he nudges us into turning when we should turn. If we inadvertently go astray of his plans, he puts up road blocks. And often he says, “You choose what to do next. What you want matters to Me. I’m here to help, not to dictate.”

This is how we grow in trust and an intimate relationship with God.


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