If I’m going to err – and undoubtedly I will, and quite often, daily – I’d rather err on the side of running ahead of God than by going too slow and doing too little.

It is much easier to slow a person down than to speed him or her up. God uses circumstances to prevent us from acting on a plan too soon. We might look foolish, but he is delighted by our enthusiasm. He protects our eagerness when we try to do too much or run too fast with a plan that his Holy Spirit inspired.

Sloth, on the other hand, is the enemy that stalls the plans of God. When a person is inclined to hold back or hesitate or procrastinate, God has to wait on his or her free will. The sluggish spirit is an unwilling spirit.

Evil accomplishes much in the absence of Christian activity. This world needs more Christians who prefer doing something – anything – with God’s help rather than risk doing too little. We make a difference when we run with Jesus wherever he leads us, doing what he told us to do.

Jesus said, “Be doers of the Word” (Matthew 7:24-27; James 1:22). So now, get up and DO!


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© 2014 by Terry A. Modica
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