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Decisions, decisions, decisions. Only God knows the best decisions to make, the right choices, the most fruitful options. So we pray, “Your will be done, Father.”

And then we listen for his guidance. 

The bigger the decision and the scarier a wrong choice could potentially be, the more important it is to wait for his guidance. So we wait. And we wonder.  And we see a path or a door open before us, but something doesn’t feel right about it, so we hesitate and pray again, “Your will be done, Father. But please do tell me what Your will is!”

He already has. God never tells us, “Do My will, but I’m going to make it difficult for you to know what My will is. I’m going to hide it from you and give you only little clues that you have to strain to understand.”

When we’re uncertain about his will, it’s because we’re wrestling with it.  There’s something about it that we don’t like. Often, it’s the level of trust required from the right decision that makes it seem like the wrong decision.

If the door of an opportunity opens after you’ve asked for God’s guidance, and if it stays open when you proceed to walk through it, then assume this is indeed God’s will for you. Trust him no matter what you see or imagine might be wrong about it. If it is the wrong decision, God will rescue you from it before it’s too late to fix. Trust him!


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