Our world has been teaching us that it is better to receive than to give. We even have a new label for it: entitlement. A generation has grown up getting everything they asked for and being told that all they have to do is dream it and they will get it.

We’ve all bought into this lie to some extent. For example, we receive much for free by browsing the internet: free information, free downloads, free music. And so we believe that we’re entitled to it all. Consciously or unconsciously, we choose to overlook the costs that the providers must pay to give us what we want, and we’re annoyed when they ask for money. We think they’re being greedy.

Yes, some are greedy, but so are we unless we “refuse no one the good on which he or she has a claim, when it is in your power to do so” (Proverbs 3:27).

For, as Jesus said, “The measure with which you give to others, this is the measure which will be given to you” (Luke 6:38a). And he took this a step further in the Parable of the Talents: When we invest well what the Master has given us, he multiplies it and gives us more (Matthew 25:ff; see also Malachi 3:10).

Live by this truth and you will discover that you have more than you realize. “Freely give, and freely it will be given to you, pressed down and overflowing” (Luke 6:38b).


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© 2014 by Terry A. Modica
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