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So much of what we do is automatic. To be filled with faith, we need to live consciously.

My life-motto: “Keep your eyes on Jesus, and when you have to look at others, see them through his eyes.” It’s a reminder to live consciously with eyes open to what God is doing, what God is showing me and teaching me, and what is happening beyond the view of what is visible in my world.

To live consciously means we are no longer in auto-pilot mode, reacting to life’s circumstances without first praying about it.

To live consciously means we stop making assumptions but pause long enough to analyze the conclusions we’re jumping to and open ourselves for a new perspective.

To live consciously means we recognize when we are responding to fear, noticing what fear is telling us, and then asking the Holy Spirit to tell us the truth that contradicts the message of fear.

To live consciously means we pay attention to what makes us vulnerable to temptation, asking the Holy Spirit to help us see the harm that’s caused by the sin so that we begin to loathe the sin as Jesus loathes it, thus empowering us to live by grace and grow in holiness.

To live consciously means we discover the root causes of our wounds, because when our broken hearts and hurt feelings are left unhealed, we are very likely to react to challenges and temptations in unhealthy or sinful ways. And once we dig up the root, we go get the help we need to fill the hole with Christ’s presence and healing love.

It’s a conscious decision to be led by Christ into the divine love that makes all good things possible.


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