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Which is more enriching to you: the journey or the destination? We focus on the destination. We are eager to reach the destination. But when we walk with the Lord, the journey is more important than the destination.

Whether the destination is a goal or a healing or a place, God has much to teach us along the way. Impatience is the enemy of having a full life. It’s the obstacle to receiving from God all the blessings that he wants  to give us.

Rather than curse the darkness of an incomplete journey, and instead of getting mad at God because he is not doing what we want him to do fast enough, we do well to embrace the cross that we carry on the way to the blessings that we hope to receive. For there is no way to reach new life — the resurrection that comes from following Christ — without first going through the cross.

We want shortcuts in the journey, of course. But if God were to give us what we want, we would be cheated out of something much more wonderful. We would be missing out on a more enriching faith. 

Stay the course, trust God and his timing and his unimaginably huge concern for you. Then someday you will look back and be extremely grateful.


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