Was your Christmas disheartening or disappointing? Not as joyous as you expected? No matter what went wrong this Christmas — what was imperfect, what was frustrating, what tested your faith or your strength of character, what was lonely or dissatisfying or disheartening — you were in fellowship with the Christ child and his heavenly Daddy.

Whatever happened that was good and right and a source of joy, this too occurred in the fellowship of God’s wonderful company.

Can you see the good news in your experience of such a holy fellowship? Can you hear the presence of God?

Christmas is the season of hope, peace, and good will toward all; therefore we expect the ideal but are disappointed by the real. We want Christmas to be better than the rest of the year. However, Christmas is much more than a holiday that happens in the outside circumstances. It’s the birth of increased faith in Jesus so that God, who loves us immeasurably, can joyfully fellowship with us.

That is the only true source of peace and good will. That is what is really real. The problems are not real; they are only temporary. The higher reality is God’s eternal fellowship with us.


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© 2019 by Terry A. Modica
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