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Bring to mind the longest running prayer request you have. The marathon trial. The hardship that has lingered and lingered and lingered no matter what you’ve done and prayed to fix it. The problem or the relationship you feel like giving up on.

Next bring to mind the promises that God has made to you about it. The scripture verse you jotted down because it meant so much to you. The song of victory you love to sing whenever you hear it. The words God whispered in your heart when the problem began or perhaps even before the problem began.

And then bring to mind all the reasons why you have wanted to persevere in bringing an end to this hardship.

“Do not throw away your confidence,” Jesus is telling you. “It will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere. This is the will of God. It’s important! And when you have completed the will of God, persevering despite all evidence that you should quit, you will receive what God has promised.” (See Hebrews 10:35-36.)



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