He leads me to restful waters and peaceful pastures.
He restores my soul.
(Psalm 23)

In today’s wired world, it’s become harder than ever to follow Jesus to the peaceful restoration that he wants to give us. And it’s become more necessary!

Take a sabbatical from what has wearied you. This is God’s plan for you. It’s the meaning of the word “Sabbath”. It’s one of the Ten Commandments, because it’s essential for a healthy and holy life.

We honor the Lord’s Day not just by going to church but also by protecting an entire day from the encroachments of work-related tasks, problems in relationships, and other situations that wear us out or tear us down. God knows we need the time out. He knows it better than we do.

Do you feel like goofing off once in a while? Don’t feel guilty about it. It’s valuable restoration! Assign it to one full day each week. Jesus wants to have time with you playing, relaxing, and recharging your mental batteries. Great inspirations and insightful solutions to problems come from this. Goofing off with Jesus is never a waste of time.


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© 2014 by Terry A. Modica
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Gillian Ratcliffe
Gillian Ratcliffe
March 31, 2021 5:44 pm

I would love to goof off. I used to live on my own but now I have one of my daughters living with me and an ill sister just a few streets away. and although I spend time with the Lord each day, it doesn’t seem to be enough. I think I should have entered a contemplative order of nuns. instead of getting married and having a family. Every day is too busy and too many things are requiring my attention. I’m calling on the Lord to help but I would just like to sit and have a conversation and discuss thing with the Him. I love your Faith boosters and the reflection on the reading of the day. I pray for you each day.