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There’s an injustice that’s irritating you. The feeling it has stirred up within you was placed there by Jesus, who feels the same way but more so. With Jesus, you can win this battle.

He wants to do something about it through you. This is why he has shared his feelings with you. Though it feels too difficult, though it feels too big, remember that you’re not facing this alone. Jesus is with you, but there are also others through whom Jesus wants to work to right the wrongs.

He has a community of believers that he wants you to team up with. Together, much can be accomplished. You (the plural you) can win this battle.

And if you sit this one out? If you’re too busy with other issues and activities? The cost will be high. The author of injustices will win some territory. You are that important to the cause!

With Jesus on our side, we (YOU) can win this battle.


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