When life is knocking us down and God seems absent, he is only hidden because of the darkness. He is meeting us right there in the depths of the darkness. Finding God in trials is a matter of looking for unexpected revelations.

Pay attention! God is revealing deep things in this darkness, shedding light on everything you’re struggling with. God is making spiritual deposits into the savings account of your life. In the future, others will be making withdrawals from it, because everything we receive is meant to be shared.

The key to finding God is to become satisfied in God. Make friends with the ailment or malady that you’d like to be rescued from, for it contains many blessings.

You will know that the end of the dark night is near when your circumstances simply don’t matter to you anymore. God — and the blessings he pulls from your circumstances — are the only things that really matter.


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© 2019 by Terry A. Modica
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