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In your work today – be it on the job or chores at home or responsibilities in the parish or community – what impassions you? What energizes you?

This is where your soul is resonating with God’s Spirit.

We often get distracted by our activities, so busily involved in them that we overlook the fact that God designed us for this work. We overlook the fact that we are glorifying our Lord with it.

If we treat the work as nothing but an obligation, we are soon exhausted by it. We find reasons to complain about it. We look forward to doing something else, and we become jealous of those who are doing that something else.

No matter what you are doing today – even if you are sure that this is /not/ what you’re supposed to be doing because maybe God is calling you to go elsewhere – look for the Spirit connection. Put forth your best effort to please God with how well you are doing the work. This is how your soul gets energized and even the most mundane or annoying task can become a blessing.


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