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Close your eyes and picture Jesus smiling at you. Yes, right now. Before you read the next paragraph.

Was it easy to see his joy? The truth is: It’s easy for him to see you as someone to to rejoice over. It’s easy for him to grin at you, because he knows the goodness that is in your heart. He sees his Spirit when he looks at you. But he’s not smiling at his own reflection. He’s smiling at you because you’ve invited him to share his heart with you, and you’re sharing your heart with him.

Whatever is wrong with you, whatever is displeasing to God – Jesus knows that you’re more than that. He also knows that it’s easier to help you grow in holiness if he focuses on what’s good about you instead of criticizing what’s bad about you. (See John 3:17.)

The more we think about what’s Christ-like in us, the more we want to be like Christ. See Jesus smiling at you. Smile with him!


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