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Some of the people you care about doubt you. They have misconceptions — perceived misperceptions — about you.

Because we love Christ, we want to be the best Christians we can be. He delights in helping us grow stronger in faith. His Holy Spirit teaches us what we need to know so we can become more like Christ. The Church he founded when he gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom teaches us how to live out the truths that fill the Bible.

Our world today is filled with objections to all of this. Many truths don’t fit into the choices and lifestyles that seem to make more sense. So, if we stand firm in the Church’s teachings, we are perceived as unloving, prejudiced, and cruel. We are accused of believing misperceptions while our accusers refuse to consider the possibility that they themselves might be misunderstanding a truth.

There is no way to earn their trust. Jesus warned that his followers would be persecuted. We need to accept that. We need to ask Jesus to help us remain strong against the temptation to make compromises with the truth as we try to make peace with those who oppose us.

To live in peace, we must accept that it’s okay to be doubted, that it’s the Holy Spirit who changes the hearts and minds of others, not us, and that with Christ’s help we can love them without demanding that they agree with us.


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May Camilleri
May Camilleri
October 30, 2019 7:58 pm

Oh the wisdom imparted in these paragraphs. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for these words of wisdom and truth.