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Eyes can often hear better than ears. God is never silent, never stops trying to communicate with us. So he speaks to us through what we see.

The birds perched peacefully in a row on the electric wire, silhouetted against the gold-edged clouds of the morning sunrise, might be God saying, “Despite all troubles, there is still much beauty and peace pervading everything. Trust Me.”

More often, he speaks to us through what we cannot see. God is doing something right now that will turn troubles into blessings. He is unfolding a plan, and only later will we be able to see what he has done. What is he telling us now? “Trust Me. Be still. Rest in Me. I care. I am holding you in my arms, carrying you through this.”

God is speaking to you right now. If God seems silent, is it because you’re being too noisy to hear him? Noisy with your desires, your plans and strategies, your instructions in how he should answer your prayers. Or is it because he is saying, “Trust Me” and you are being taught to rest quietly in him?


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