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What or Whom are you seeking on your spiritual journey?

Some of us are naturally inclined to seek adventure. If you’re like this, you feel most alive when walking with Christ feels like going to a theme park with him, taking roller coaster rides of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns, sometimes even spinning you upside down. It’s not always pleasant, it’s not all fun and games, but you know that you’ll be stronger at the end of the day. You also know that this is not a normal roller coaster, which leads you back to where you started, but one that takes you to important goals in your spiritual journey.

Others of us are naturally inclined to prefer safety and security. If you’re like this, you feel closest to Christ when life is predictable and well planned and stable. You cling to the certainty of scripture verses and Church teachings, and you want to know what’s expected of you. You thrive by living by the rules. Your spiritual journey growth comes through prayers that the Church has provided, such as the Rosary and Divine Mercy and Liturgy of the Hours.

Of course, we all have a bit of both types in us. No one is completely one or the other. However, it’s good to recognize and embrace who we really are. Our natural inclinations are gifts that Father God gave us when he created us. If you need more security, go get it. If you need more adventure, go get that.

You are inherently good, made in the image and likeness of God. The spiritual life is a journey of becoming more and more who you really are.


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