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Spend some quiet time alone with the Lord today reflecting on the trouble that bothers you most. Think about its scope. How far and wide does it go? How big is it?

Now imagine that Jesus is lifting you up above it. Look at this trouble from a higher perspective. Notice that it’s a battlefield.

Jesus is carrying you still higher above it. And higher. The warriors are shrinking to the size of ants.

Jesus is taking you higher, and now you can see that your battlefield is really a very small part of the vast, wide world.

The two of you continue higher. Your troubles have disappeared from view against the backdrop of the solar system. So turn around and face Jesus. Look at how big God is. Jesus is smiling at you with a concerned furrow in his forehead. What you see before you is a limited view of God. He is as big as the endless universe behind him and around you. Bigger.

The troubles you’ve been begging him to help you with are extremely small compared to the size and power of God. Can he handle them? Of course he can! It’s easy! Just a word or a breath from God and everything changes.

What he wants to know, though, is: What will you learn from it? And how will it help others?
Return to earth, to the battle. Find the answer to: “What am I learning from this trouble? And how will it help others?” With that, everything changes.


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