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“Where love exists, it works great things.
But when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist”
(Pope Saint Gregory the Great).

God is love, and it is impossible for God to cease to exist. Therefore it is quite impossible for love to end. A love relationship can end, but the love itself is still there, ready to be acted upon whenever reconciliation is desired.

When we refuse to act in love, God is not with us. When others treat us in an unloving way, God is not with them, but he is with us, giving us his love in place of those who are sinning against us.

Seeking love? You have it already! Act on it and you will discover its reality. Want more love? Look for where the actions of love are missing and seek reconciliation, first with God and then with those who want more of your love.

With God’s love in you and acting outward from you, love accomplishes great things. It heals relationships. It changes the world.


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