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The most important, life-enhancing, or world-improving activities that God asks us to do are those that generate in us the incredulous “Do what? Huh? Really? Me?? No, God isn’t asking me to do that!”

The easy stuff, the normal routines, the comfortable status quo of our lives: This is not where the awesome happens. To experience the supernatural, we have to risk stepping away from what feels natural and safe. To experience the miraculous, we have to risk stepping out of the boat when Jesus says, “Come.”

What has he been asking you to do that you’ve been saying no to? He might have said it through a friend who apparently doesn’t understand your circumstances. He might be saying it through a parent who apparently doesn’t accept your independent adulthood. He might say it through your priest or a pulpit announcement or a ministry leader at church, and you’re sure someone else is supposed to respond, not you.

Tell them no. It’s okay to stay in your comfort zone. It’s okay to live a mediocre faith. Heaven’s gate is still open to you. But on the other side of your spiritual awakening called death is the full realization of what you missed out on because you thought you knew what’s best for you. And what is missing from the world. And very possibly what or who is missing from heaven.


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February 7, 2022 2:04 pm

This Faith Booster has touched my heart. I am being called to love those who have hurt me deeply. I do not even know how to begin.