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Do you know that joy is a ministry? It’s an important way to share the faith. We all have a calling to do this ministry wherever there is misery and hopelessness.

Having faith means trusting God which means resting in hope which produces joy. When you or someone you know is lacking joy, it’s because Jesus has not yet been invited fully into the situation that’s been stealing the joy. It might be too early in the grieving process, which is healthy and normal, or it might a lack of faith, which needs nurturing.

The ability to experience the joy of faith comes from turning to the love of God and receiving his comfort in the midst of hardships. It also arises from getting to know the joyful side of Jesus and the joyful purposes behind all of his teachings.

What we need to discover and then share with others is that holy living, although not always fun, is what unites us to the joyful love of Jesus and the joyful purposes of everything he preached. Remember, even going to the cross produces joyful results.

The good news is: Jesus didn’t just tell us how to be holy, he gave us the power to be holy: He gave us his Holy Spirit. And when others see the Holy Spirit’s activity in us, if they know that Jesus is the reason for our joy, they are evangelized by our faith!


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