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The secret to successfully becoming the saint you are called to be is to imitate the birds of the air when they fly as a flock. Some species form a V shape. Others seem to form no shape, but always you can see birds floating on the draft created by the bird in front of it. They’re taking advantage of reduced wind resistance.

Saints who’ve been canonized by the Church and other saintly people who have gone home to the Lord are leading the way for us. To make use of the draft their flight has created, we have to get close to them.

How? Not by simply knowing about them. Not by just looking at how holy they were. We have to discover their stories of growing in holiness. We have to see their humanness, their sins and shortcomings, their failures, and their overcomings.

Watching them learn to fly to heaven is proof that you can overcome your sins and shortcomings, too. This knowledge is very empowering.


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