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What is making you feel resentful today? What’s overwhelming you to the point of being angry about it? Jesus is saying, “Peace be with you. My peace I give you.”

To enter into that peace, we have to forgive those who have been causing the debacle that’s been causing our stress. And we have to forgive ourselves for getting into this mess or for taking this long to forgive others.

Resentment comes from the idea of: “if only this” had happened differently or “if only that” hadn’t been done to me or “if only he or she or they” would treat me better.

Jesus is saying, “I agree, it’s unjust. It’s not right. But you’re living on earth and expecting this world to be heavenly. To experience heaven on earth, turn your resentments over to Me. There’s something divinely wonderful I want to teach you through these experiences. There’s something divinely victorious happening to you at the same time as your troubles. Stop focusing on what’s wrong and keep your eyes on Me. I Am with you. I make blessings come from curses. Look for it! It’s happening right now!”


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