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Is there a troubling situation that seems impossible? You can do nothing about to resolve at this time?

Then do your best with what you can do, excelling in it for the glory of God, pleasing him in it even though it seems menial or off-target from what you think you should be doing. Do your best with what you can do, and entrust to Christ what you cannot do at this moment.

God will take care of whatever you entrust to him. He will succeed where you have failed – perhaps through someone else, perhaps directly and supernaturally, perhaps too slowly according to what we think the timing should be, but always with love and concern for you and for all who are entangled in what has seemed like a hopeless situation.

What does God want from you right now? Whatever is possible to do! He will make the impossible possible at the right moment. So do whatever is possible and do it well and for his glory.

This is the partnership that works miracles.


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May Camilleri
May Camilleri
June 14, 2019 7:19 pm

The Impossible becomes possible indeed.
My 8 year old grandson, Andrew, has been harshly bullied by his grade 4 teacher. Here in Canada, teachers’ union rules. Therefore misguided souls in the teaching profession are untouchable by mortals.
Andrew is a kind and loving soul. He has a strong faith that is unwavering. He carries the rosary in his left picket. His parents, not so much. They rely on their wisdom.
I am seing wonders happening in Andrew. He continues to tell his teacher that he prays for her. He does not say an unkind word about her. I am so thankful to Blessed Mother for her constant protection and toGod for answering my prayers.