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How do you recognize another Christian as a believer? What clues tell you that the stranger you see has faith in Christ?

Our own faith thrives and grows when we are in the company of faith-filled people. We’re more likely to feel accepted and comfortable with those who have beliefs that are similar to ours. At work, at parties, and at other gatherings, we can enjoy the experience better if we interact with those who are genuine followers of Christ.

Anyone can display symbols of faith: Do they wear a T-shirt emblazoned with scripture? Do they have pictures of Jesus on their walls or desks? Do they wear religious jewelry?

What really matters, though, is what remains hidden until we engage them in conversation and activity.

How do others discover that you are faith-filled? Let the presence of Christ in you shine like a light that draws moths. Then you will attract other believers to yourself and you will also draw those who are on the journey of becoming believers.



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