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The suffering we feel when we’re treated unfairly is the same way Jesus felt when he was whipped and crucified. He felt it far worse than we do, of course.  And he still feels it today when we’re falsely accused, verbally scourged or physically abused, nailed for something we didn’t do, or crucified for something good that we did do.

When we’re abused, Jesus provides an escape route, and we’d better take it, because there’s much more good that he can accomplish that way.

When we’re treated unfairly in any other manner, he provides special graces to us so that we can grow stronger and holier from the experience, and so that he can — through us — redeem evil situations by producing blessings from it.

Forgive those who treat you unfairly, and turn to Jesus for comfort. This will set you free from the stranglehold of the other person’s sin. And return the unfair treatment with a kind gesture, because by this you conquer evil. Jesus conquers the evil through you!


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