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We should not think of the Church as a religious institution. Rather, we should think of it as the Body of Christ on earth, a living body made up of many members, some of whom are not found in our churches’ pews. We are – together – the power of Christ on earth today, the hands and feet of Christ taking action to spread the goodness of the kingdom of God.

Inasmuch as we fail to join ourselves to other Christians in worship and in action, we are a dismembered part of the Body. We are therefore ineffective and dying, like an amputated limb, a self-amputated limb.

A healthy body has all parts fulfilling their functions while fully connected to the brain, which is Christ, our head. The pope is the world’s representative of Christ’s leadership, but we all share in this mission of representing Christ to the world. We all have been chosen by God to be as necessary as the pope.

You are a very important member of the Body of Christ. Worship God as part of the community of believers. Act as Christ in the world in partnership with the community of believers. This is how you can be all that God designed you to be. This is how you can become what your Holy Spirit-inspired dreams beg you to become. This is how the miraculous power of Christ will be manifested for you – and through you!


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