Faith Boosters

Being tested is good. It's the only way we find out how much faith we really have. Download the Image
Faith is sometimes a painful act of ripping out my heart and replacing it with God's. Download the Image You
We are called to empower others with our faith. The more we share it, the more it grows. Download the
Lack of faith causes disobedience. Disobedience blocks the power of God. Repentance restarts both faith and the flow of God's
Faith is not the same as belief. Faith is a gift. Belief is a choice. Download the Image You have
Too often we enjoy our hurts, and we really don't want to have faith in God's power to heal us.
Faith expressed through words creates confidence. Faith expressed through giving creates love. Faith expressed through trust creates miracles. Download the
The gift of faith is God's power moving you to believe He will respond to your every need. Do not
Persevering when faith is most difficult is the greatest gift we can give to God. Remember, those who wait upon
You take the first step in faith and God will take the next. With God, the yoke is easy and
Many of us are near-sighted. We put our faith only in what we can see around us. Oh God, heal
If we take our focus off ourselves and give up our own ideas of how to get through life, we
Faith goes deeper than belief. You can believe in God's help, but faith means totally yielding your will and power
Dare to have the courage to be counter-cultural! Download the Image You have been born again of imperishable seed.  Grow
True freedom is understanding what He did and what He taught. Download the Image You have been born again of
A Scripture for my aching & aging Body: We are NOT discouraged!  Rather, although our outer self is wasting away,