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From Graciela:

About 20 years ago (I was 30 years old) my priest, Father Angel, asked me if I could help him with the Ministry of Caritas, because there was nobody helping him and there were more than 100 families needing help, especially food. So my mother and I went to help him.

We handed over food and clothes to more or less 50 families every Tuesday. We had some donors (heroes, in fact, because our country was going through a really difficult economic situation) and Father Angel donated almost 70% of his incomes.

One Tuesday, after taking care of more than 60 families, we looked at the cupboard where we stored the food and there was only a packet of salt!

“Father Angel!” I cried, “What are we going to do next week?”  We had already received all the donations for that month, and Father Angel, my mother, and I had very little money left, so we could do nothing!

Father Angel looked at us and with a big smile he said, “Well, well this is not our problem, this is God’s!” and his smile became broader. I was astonished. How could he smile and say it was God’s problem? It was ours!

Mother and I went home. That week was terrible for me as I thought about the packet of salt for the following Tuesday. I was not alive in the Holy Spirit’s life at that time, so I was really scared. I looked at my savings and I realized I had money for only one packet of pasta, a carton of milk and a packet of sugar. That was all!

On Sunday, at Mass, I asked Father Angel what we were going to do, and again he replied with a big smile, “Don’t worry my friend, God is in charge!”

The following Tuesday, mother and I walked to the parish silently. I was scared. At least 50 families were going to ask us for food and we had only a packet of salt, one packet of pasta, a carton of milk and a packet of sugar.

We arrived at the parish, went to the back of the building where our room was, and — wow! Outside the room, in the garden, there were some big, black bags full of food! I couldn’t believe my eyes! My first thought was, “Father Angel asked some of his friends for help.” But when Father Angel came and saw the bags, he was as astonished as we were. He started to dance, raising his hands up, singing and laughing.  

We never knew who left those bags there.  Father Angel said, “My dear Gracie, this is our Lord, this is our God! He always listens to the cry of the poor [Ps 10, 17]. But you, my friend, helped him to work the miracle, because you brought what you could: pasta, milk, and sugar. That was enough for Him!”

I started to cry because I suddenly realized that our almighty God was a loving Father always taking care of His children.

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And now, Lord, enable your servants to speak your word with all boldness, as you stretch forth your hand to heal and to give us signs and wonders through the name of Your holy servant Jesus. (Acts 4:29-30)

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