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Expect God to help your familyFrom Cecilia Ho:

Every time I donate to Good News Ministries, God keeps giving me back money that I don’t expect to receive. He has been very kind to me, providing for me and guiding me to a job that provides my family with sufficient money to live a reasonably comfortable Life.

I am from Malaysia. I found Good News Ministries 20 years ago, recommended by one of my church friends. Whenever I’ve faced a big problem or wave in my life, God has been using Good News Ministries to talk to me through the daily reflections.

Therefore, I want to give back to the ministry that I have been benefiting from for so many years. I donate some money to GNM every time I see that they need help. I expect to help keep this ministry keep moving for years to come!

To get your own miracle of sharing, offer a donation today. You’ll be making an impact, changing the world by bringing the light of Christ into the darkness that seems to be taking over the lives of so many people. You’ll be renewing the Church, person by person, by joining us in activating the faith of more and more Catholics.

If you want Good News Ministries to continue, we absolutely need your support. Thank you!

And now, Lord, enable your servants to speak your word with all boldness, as you stretch forth your hand to heal and to give us signs and wonders through the name of Your holy servant Jesus. (Acts 4:29-30)

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