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Carolyne Oyoo’s Testimony of Faith During the Pandemic

Carolyne Oyoo’s Testimony of Faith During the Pandemic

Hear what happened to Carolyne Oyoo during the pandemic. God led her to Good News Ministries when she was missing her faith community. She has wisdom about trusting God that she wants to share. (The transcript is provided below.)

When the pandemic started, I thought God was going to finish the world. So every day I wake up, I just appreciate God for that particular day because when I know the whole world is nothing to him, I wake up every morning, repent, ask for forgiveness from God on behalf of all humanity. I know indeed we have even done graver things than Sodom and Gomorrah. We have just to seek the face of God.

I thank God for he has spared me and my family up to this time.

Carolyne OyooWhen it started, I didn’t know the churches were going to be closed. But when it closed, I found solace in 1 Corinthians 6:19 which says, “I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.” Being the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Church is in me, the Church is in you, the Church is in my brother, the Church is in my sister. And so the Church cannot be closed so long as we still have life.

Even if we are not having life and we are gone, knowing God, we can still pray for the people who are alive and on earth. Thank you, God, for the gift of life.

This time God has provided us to know our family members better. It has enabled us to bond, to pray together, to learn to be engrossed in God’s word, to evangelize to one another, and I thank him for that.

I appreciate a lot that during this time I was able to connect, to find that Good News Ministries exists. It is because of the time we had, and also to be able to use social media to search, I was able to come across Good News Ministries, which really is in my line of belief. It increases my spirituality because back home I was in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, which I was not able to connect with when I came to America.

I take this opportunity to encourage the people who have been bereaved through this pandemic or any other diseases to encourage the people who are sick in hospitals that Jesus loves their case, and they will be healed according to his will.

I pray for the bereaved families to find strength in God that we are all here in this world. We are visitors. We are in transit. But if we go knowing him, knowing God, it is better for us and our generation after us.

Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Good News Ministries.

© 2020 by Carolyne Oyoo for Good News Ministries

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