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Carolyn Liff shares how she grew closer to Jesus after the COVID-19 pandemic locked down her church and she could no longer receive Jesus in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

When I was at Mass in mid-March, the priest announced that that would be the last Mass, and I was stunned! I couldn’t believe that the Catholic Church was closing its doors. I just left Mass that day feeling such a sense of sadness and emptiness and almost grieving a loss….

And then it was Communion time, and the Spiritual Communion Prayer came on the screen, and I looked at it and just felt that disappointment and that desire for Jesus, that I couldn’t receive him sacramentally. And as I said the prayer, I just felt really the presence of Jesus soothing my soul. I knew he was with me. I knew that he was desiring me more — way more — than I was desiring him….

There’s a section in Good News Ministries, in the index of prayers, that has a Spiritual Communion Prayer. I think the title is, “How to receive a Spiritual Communion when you can’t get to Mass“. I would encourage you to go into that site and pray that Spiritual Communion Prayer. If you’ve never made a habit of it, I would definitely recommend it as a habit….

The rest of the transcript is provided below.

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Carolyn Liff’s Testimony of Joy with Jesus

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