[ WordBytes on Miracles and the Holy Spirit ]

Hear God’s miraculous and compassionate intervention at work when Merle Pereira lost her job and was unjustly denied money due her. (The transcript is provided below.)

I would like to testify that the Lord is always faithful and answers me whenever I call on Him. I have always experienced Him as a very present help in times of trouble. There are a number of miracles He has worked in my life, but I would like to state just one of them.

I was asked by my boss to submit my resignation, even though I had no intention of doing so, because I would lose out on a month’s salary and because I needed the job. But since my boss insisted that I resign and assured me of the one month’s salary, I submitted my resignation, trusting my boss to do as he said.

Merle PereiraAfter a couple of days, I wrote to the HR Department asking them when my dues would be settled plus one month’s salary. To my surprise, the HR Department said that I would not be entitled to the month’s salary, as the resignation came from my side, to which I related to them that I was forced to give in my resignation with a promise from my boss that he would ensure that I get my one month’s salary and that he had informed the HR Department on this. I had an email sent to him from my desktop as well as on my mobile, on his promising my one month’s salary. 

In the meantime, I took this matter to the Lord in prayer.  

After a few days, I got another job and saw the hand of the Lord, as it was not possible, being a senior citizen and the possibility of a job was very remote. I took up the job, and one evening, as I was waiting for the bus to return home, I was inspired to go and meet the CEO of my previous company. And so I went to meet him with no prior appointment. Since the Lord led me, I was very easily taken in by the secretary of the CEO in spite of his busy schedule, and moreover he was leaving for Indonesia the next day. He agreed to see me. And so I related to him everything.

He was quite upset with the way I was treated and promised to see that all my dues were settled. Within a couple of days, I not only received all my dues but was also given an additional amount by the company at the behest of the CEO.

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