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lady's purseFrom Gwen Kelly:

A few years ago, while we were driving back from a trip, my husband got a cell phone call from my Dad telling us that the lady at the fast food restaurant in a nearby town called him from my cell phone. She wanted to notify me that she had found my purse and she had put it safely behind the counter.

I was so surprised! I spent the next 45 minutes thanking God because there were so many important things in that purse and it would be awful to lose everything — money being the least. As we headed to the restaurant, we were hammered with thoughts about the high probability that even though the purse was found, most of the contents would be gone.

When we got to the restaurant, I rushed inside asking about my purse. The woman behind the counter triumphantly pulled it out.  I grabbed it while thanking her and immediately responded to an inspiration.  I pulled out my next-to-last $20 bill to give to her.  She said no, that was not necessary.  I told her I understood that, but the Holy Spirit insisted, and if she didn’t need it, she was to give it to someone she knew who did.  She got the biggest simile on her face and told me she knew exactly who to give it to and thanked me for the gift. She added that I had no idea how much this gift will mean to the person — it was just enough to make a big difference in their life.

Not the end of story. Fast forward a couple years. We were again driving home from an out-of-town trip when I informed my husband I had left my purse at our last stop.  So, it was another long drive back worrying if we would find it and if the contents would still be in it.

When we got to the location, the building was locked. Its lights were off.  We decided to go to the next-to-last store and ask about my purse.  The man said, yes, he found it and was hoping we would come back so he wouldn’t have to try to find us. I promptly opened up my purse and pulled out a $20 bill. He said, no, he was just happy we came back.  I said, yes, I must give the money to him.  I briefly told him about the last time I lost my purse.  I told him the Holy Spirit seemed to use “the lost purse” method of reminding me when to help someone. He grinned and said he knew the exact person to give the $20 to, and that it would be such a great help.

Now when the Holy Spirit sends me a message that it is time to share, I look around for the opportunity.  You see, not only do I want to stay tuned to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, I do not want to go through losing my purse just to follow Him. I wish I was not such a slow learner! 

And the most amazing thing: Even when I am certain that I only have a couple of dollars to share, I always find a $20 bill stuck in the bottom of my purse.

So, here is my heartfelt advice to everyone. Please donate to Good News Ministries early and often — you will always find the money to share.  Other than losing my purse, I have not found a better way to give to someone in great need at just the right time.  For me, following the promptings of the Holy Spirit is the best reward to receive. 

Blessings to everyone at GNM and to everyone who supports them, and special blessings to everyone who gives us the wonderful opportunity to help.

To get your own miracle of sharing, offer a donation today. You’ll be making an impact, changing the world by bringing the light of Christ into the darkness that seems to be taking over the lives of so many people. You’ll be renewing the Church, person by person, by joining us in activating the faith of more and more Catholics.

And now, Lord, enable your servants to speak your word with all boldness, as you stretch forth your hand to heal and to give us signs and wonders through the name of Your holy servant Jesus. (Acts 4:29-30)

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