Resources for Developing
Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Community mission


  • The priests promote the concept of SCCs at every opportunity.
  • In the Prayers of the Faithful at every weekend Mass, from now on a prayer should be offered for the development/continuation of SCCs.
  • Bulletin announcements.

2. MID-MAY: Kick-Off Meeting inviting people who are interested in getting involved.

3. END OF MAY: At the end of all the Masses, priest introduces the new parish SCC Director and will speak a few minutes about SCCs; they will ask people to volunteer to train as group facilitators.

4. JUNE: Monday evenings 7:30-9:00 Training for Facilitators.

5. SUMMER MONTHS: Facilitators will continue to meet with each other using the SCC meeting format.

6. AUGUST: Retreat for parishioners to get them interested in studying scripture and in journeying together in small communities.

7. SEPTEMBER, 1st WEEKEND AFTER LABOR DAY: Sign-Up Sunday to join SCCs; includes witness speakers to promote sign-ups; includes sign-up cards & pencils in all the seats to be filled out & returned in offering baskets. (Volunteers are needed to replenish cards & pencils before each Mass.)

8. SEPTEMBER, 2nd SATURDAY: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (includes lunch provided by church) training for new facilitators and to refresh previously trained facilitators.

9. SEPTEMBER, 2nd SUNDAY: Priests give push at Masses for late sign-ups.

10. SEPTEMBER, 3rd SATURDAY or SUNDAY: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. SCC Start-Up Retreat, for all those who signed up to meet, socialize & have a practice meeting.

11. SEPTEMBER, LAST WEEK: SCCs begin to meet in homes.

12. October: Commission Ceremony during a popular Sunday Mass


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