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crucifix-StAugustineFLDarkness closes in upon me,
And hopelessness is near;
This pain I cannot bear much longer —
Why me, O God, why me?

My hands are nailed in bondage;
I am not free to live.
My feet are fastened firm;
I am not free to move.
Why me, O God, why me?

My life has not happened as it should;
Not as I want it to.
People mock me for believing
that this Christian life is good.
Why me, O God, why me?

I try to love my brother,
but he spits into my face.
I try to teach the truth of God,
but no one wants to hear.
I try to raise my children right,
but rebellion rules their heart.
I try to serve my spouse with love,
but pride in me demands that I be served.

Why me, O God, why me?

Love your enemy, You said, my Lord.
Do good to those who hurt you.
Be persistent in the Christian life,
and your reward will be great in Heaven.

What about now, O Lord?
Where is my reward?
Darkness closes in on me,
and hopelessness is near.

My arms are stretched upon Your cross;
I feel the crown of thorns.
This is my reward, O Lord?
Yes, this is my reward!

I share Your pain, I share Your death.
For when I stretch upon Your cross,
You and I are one, O Lord,
You and I are one.

Never else have I felt this close to You,
and together we shall rise
to victory
in the glory of my crucifixion!

© 1992 by Terry A. Modica

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My Crucifixion

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