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Lent – Table of Contents

WordBytes & Videos for Lent


We enter into Jerusalem on Ash Wednesday. What sacrifice for Lent are you making to enhance your journey to Easter? Just as Jesus knew what sacrifice He would have to make, we should discern what God is calling us to do. The videos and articles on this page are valuable as you make a sacrifice of time during Lent to grow closer to Jesus and to become more like him.

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WordBytes Table of Contents

  • The Stations of the Cross (by Good News Ministries Artists)
    Stations of the CrossVarious artists who read GNM’s Good News Reflections contributed their talents for the Stations of the Cross. They represent the globalness and diversity of the Catholic Church while honoring Christ. Come visit right now in a Virtual Reality experience (no special equipment necessary). You can pray the Stations of the Cross in our virtual prayer room.

  • The Way of the Cross
    The Way of the CrossPray our Stations of the Cross to find relief for your own sufferings. Embrace your trials as union with Jesus on the journey to glory.  You are entering into an interactive prayer experience. Our sufferings have eternal value if we unite them to the Passion of Christ.

  • What Lenten Sacrifice Are You Making?
    What sacrifice will you make for Lent?What sacrifice for Lent are you making to enhance your journey to Easter? Just as Jesus knew what sacrifice He would have to make, we should discern what God is calling us to do. Sacrifices are supposed to make a difference. What’s the point of giving up candy for Lent if it doesn’t bring us spiritually closer to Christ?

  • What’s the Value of Sacrifices? (video)
    What sacrifices are you making for Lent?Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “Lent is a time when we relive the Passion of Christ. Let it not be just a time when our feelings are roused, but let it be a change that comes through cooperation with God’s grace in real sacrifices of self.” In this video reflection, Terry Modica examines how our sacrifices can make a difference beyond our own lives when we have true solidarity with the Passion of Christ.

See also the parish Lenten materials published by Catholic Digital Resources.

It was our infirmities that He bore, our sufferings that He endured… He was pierced for our offenses, crushed for our sins, upon Him was the chastisement that makes us whole, by His stripes we were healed. (Isaiah 53:4,5)

St. Bridget of Sweden believed that Jesus said this to her:

“Be it known that the number of armed soldiers were 150; those who trailed Me while I was bound were 23. The executioners of justice were 83; the blows received on My head were 150; those on My stomach, 108; kicks on My shoulders, 80. I was led, bound with cords and by the hair, 24 times; spits in the face were 180; I was beaten on the body 6666 times; beaten on the head, 110 times. I was roughly pushed, and at 12 o’clock was lifted up by the hair; pricked with thorns and pulled by the beard 23 times; received 20 wounds on the head; thorns of marine junks [thorns on ropes], 72; pricks of thorns in the head, 110; mortal thorns in the forehead, 3. I was afterwards flogged and dressed as a mocked king; wounds in the Body, 1000. The soldiers who led Me to Calvary were 608; those who watched Me were 3, and those who mocked Me were 1008; the drops of Blood which I lost were 28,430.”

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