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St. Michael pray for us in the Church crisisNo Church crisis needs to frighten us. Jesus is still the Head of the Church. We should feel righteous anger. We should feel motivated to take action. But first we need to learn the Way of Christ in the midst of the scandals of corruption, abuses, idolatry, conspiracies, and other evils in the Church hierarchy.

  • What can we do about demons in the Church?
    Jesus said, “Behold, I have given you the power ‘to tread upon serpents’ and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy and nothing will harm you” (Luke 19).

  • The Rosary Walkathon to drive evil from the Holy Catholic Church
    People praying the rosaryAll forms of abuses are evil and inspired by demons. The Blessed Mother has said many, many times in apparitions around the world that we must pray the Rosary for the defeat of evil. She’s warned us again and again that if we don’t live holy lives and pray for the defeat of evil, terrible things will happen, very terrible. And so we are offering the Rosary Walkathon as something you can do.

  • Jesus vs. Demons in the Vatican (video podcast)
    Footsteps to HeavenJesus is shedding his holy light on the demonic activities in the Church to expose it, because he’s saying, “Enough is enough! I’m about to do something that is going to change the Church from within because the Devil has been trying ruin the Church from within” — from the Vatican to everyday Catholics.”

  • The Apostolate of the Laity in the Church Crisis (video series)
    In the first episode, I sFootsteps to Heavenhare how I’ve dealt with abusive priests. While this exposes more about the crisis of sin, it also shows the power of prayer for stopping abuses. By asking, “What is God doing in the Church Crisis?” we find the divine purpose that each of us are called to embrace.

  • Audio podcasts on this theme
    What’s going on, what to know, and how to bring Christ’s victory into the Church Crisis. Found on the Footsteps to Heaven website.

  • A Prayer for healing in Church scandals
    priest prayingChurch scandals are terribly devastating to victims and to the whole Body of Christ. This prayer will bring some healing. “Dearest and most loving Father of us all … we place into Your protective hands all priests and religious, all victims of abusive clergy, and all who make decisions on how to handle such crises, including those in Church authority and civil authority….”

  • When our shepherds fail to protect us
    shepherds fail to protectPriests are called to be representatives of Jesus the Good Shepherd, but when they fail, how do we fulfill Christ’s command to forgive them and to love them? How can we be Christ-like toward those who are not Christ-like toward us? That’s the challenge faced by all of us nearly every day, but it’s especially difficult for those who have been victimized by unhealthy shepherds who succumb to the temptations of sexual misconduct and by those who allow it.

  • Testifying to Jesus during scandals in the Church
    church scandalsLet’s consider what the media and others are doing to kill our good reputation. Many are claiming to be speaking for God as they broadcast what they believe is wrong with Catholicism and the celibate priesthood and the headship of our male leaders. How are you testifying for Jesus?

  • The purging of sexual abuse
    purgatory for sexual abuseOur Church is going through a purging process — a Purgatory — of all sorts of sexual sins, from pedophilia to adultery, and this is very painful but very, very good and necessary. We all suffer this pain, because we are One Body.

  • Justice in the Church
    justiceJustice and love go hand-in-hand. Justice is not revenge, nor is it punishment. It’s fairness. Love is the heart of Christian living; justice is its hands and feet. Justice is not fairness as in “anything is okay as long as no one gets hurt”. If it’s not in accordance with the laws of God, people do get hurt.

  • Winning the race against sin
    race against sinWe’re in a life-long marathon, running a race against our own sinful tendencies. What slows us down is the dead weight of the sins that we’ve not yet identified, or we’ve not yet regretted, or we’ve not yet surrendered to the mercy of God.

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