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Commandments #9: You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

Do I jealously wish I had relationships as good as someone else’s?

Have I had sexual thoughts about someone other than my spouse, without immediately dismissing them or praying to banish them?

Did I ever become obsessed with someone’s physical shape, dwelling on it in my thoughts or pointing it out to others?

Do I let my imagination go uncontrolled? Do I fantasize impurely?

Have I treated someone as an object, rather than with dignity and respect?

Have I enjoyed pornography or “cheesecake” pictures for the sake of lustful pleasure?

Have I been lax about purifying my heart? Has attuning my intellect and will to God’s holiness and way of loving been unimportant to me?

Has modesty been unimportant to me? Modesty means refusing to unveil whatever should remain hidden, out of respect for yourself and others.

Have I been attracted to voyeuristic peeking at people in their homes, bedrooms or bathrooms?

When someone I know has violated the privacy or sexuality of others, have I ignored it as if it didn’t really matter?

Have I encouraged or condoned sexual permissiveness by promoting “safe sex” instead of abstinence?

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