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Commandments #8: You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor

Have I made judgments about anyone? I might think I’m right, but only God knows enough about that person to make such a judgment.

When have I heard about a moral fault of another person and immediately assumed it was true?

When have I judged my spouse, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, priests, TV stars, politicians, etc.?

Do I hesitate to give others the benefit of the doubt?

Have I disclosed another’s faults and failings without valid and beneficial reasons?

Have I exaggerated information about someone in order to make myself or the case I’m presenting look better?

When have I lied or deceived? How have I been insincere?

How have I bragged? If I boast to make myself look better than others, I’m lying. If I fail to give credit to God, I’m lying.

When did I mock someone’s behavior? This is unloving.

Did I gossip or say something that made another person look bad?

Have I pointed out a co-worker’s faults in the hope that I’ll get his job?

Have I deliberately led someone into error or sin by saying things contrary to truth?

Did I reveal secrets that should have been kept confidential?

Do I sound critical, negative or uncharitable when I talk?

When have I been untrue in my deeds? When have I been hypocritical or undependable?

Have I ever been ashamed to bear witness to the truth of Jesus Christ or the teachings of the Church? Have I compromised the truth or implied by my behavior that I agreed with things that are contrary to God’s laws?

If I’ve been involved in a court case, did I give false witness to contribute to the condemnation of the innocent, exoneration of the guilty, or the increased punishment of the accused?

When I’ve realized the sin of my words, have I failed to make reparation or to seek forgiveness from the people I’ve affected?

Have I violated someone’s right to privacy by insisting on learning something I had no right to know? Or by spreading this information to others?

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