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Give these idea-generators to your priest in preparation for a homily or announcement during Mass and/or other parish events.

Note: These ideas for the priest to use in inviting people to join a Small Christian Community — and all pages about developing SCCs — can be downloaded as a printable PDF set, scroll down to the order form at the bottom of the Table of Contents.

  1. Small Christian Communities are fellowship — the parish is a large community, but it’s easier to feel connected in a small community.
  2. Small Christian Community meetings are based on scripture and how it applies to everyday life. You’ll get to know more about God and his love for you through the scriptures that will be used in the SCC faith-sharing meetings.
  3. Small Christian Communities are about rediscovering God, finding meaningful relationships, strengthening family life, and preparing for the new millennium.AT THIS POINT, INVITE UP THE LAY WITNESS.


  4. Small Christian Communities will renew our whole parish because its foundation is prayer. For this reason, we are asking everyone to make a decision to pray for our Small Christian Communites. Whether or not you will be joining a faith-sharing group, we need your prayers. The ushers will now pass out a sign-up form. Even if you don’t join a group, please take one home and hang it on your refrigerator or somewhere easy to see as a reminder to pray for the people who do join and for the success of Small Christian Communites in our parish. After Mass, look for our Small Christian Communites people if you’d like to find out more information.


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